Under the concept “Coming Home” Frankonia offers clients a full service solution by which they can purchase a fully furnished, interior designed and decorated property.

“Coming Home” apartments are completely fitted out and ready for you to move in to.

Most of our clients use our “Coming Home” service for their future homes. Stylistically-confident and elegant interior design, with a loving attention to detail, ensure that each area of your home has its own special charm, exuding comfort and homeliness as well as sophisticated good taste. In short: Style can now be bought.

When you purchase a Frankonia property, you are not only guaranteed high quality and style but also individuality, as the interior design of each home is unique. Each “Coming Home” apartment or house is an individual reflection of the desires, tastes and needs of its owners.

Individual living spaces

Frankonia’s interior designer Sabine Stecher uses unusual eye-catching pieces, elegant materials, sophisticated lighting design and many more fine details to create the unique comfort of a “Coming Home” residence. Using her vast experience and network of well-known designers she guarantees an “I-want-to-live-here” effect in every “Coming Home” apartment or house.