Time and security are one of the few things that one cannot buy. This is why we place great emphases on all of the services, which save our residents time and give them a feeling of security.

With the help of modern technology a concierge keeps watch over the whole of the quarter to protect the privacy of the residents. He/she is the central person who supervises and organises a whole range of services: transport to the airport, organising workmen, laundry services, looking after pets or plants etc. The concept of a concierge ensures security and makes time for the important things in life. Thus, making a large contribution to the relaxed way of life in Heinrich Heine Gärten.

The concierge desk is located in the entrance building on Hansaallee. This building also houses other amenities such as a lounge with open fire and equipped with a humidor, a smoking room and a stylish bar.

To round off our services there will be a kindergarten in HOUSE Yolante in the second phase of the development.